Strategic Plan

The Clay County Public Health Center Board of Trustees has the responsibility of developing a plan that provides the strategic focus, the direction, and the allocation of resources for the Health Center to enable the agency to meet the identified health needs of the people of Clay County. The focus is on enabling the organization to be in alignment with Public Health 3.0 as well as the becoming the Chief Health Strategist in our community.

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Implementing the Plan

The Board of Trustees along with the Health Center Leadership Team has embarked on implementing the new 2019-2023 Strategic Plan to reflect the current direction of public health practice in the 21st century. Infrastructure changes and realignment have occurred. Now we embark on the expansion of the focus to meet the following goals:

  • Base all planning on the National Public Health Performance Standards and the 10 Essential Public Health Services to assure maximum response from the Health Center and its community partners.
  • Utilize the Three Core Functions of Assurance, Assessment and Policy Development as guides to meet community needs.
  • Utilize the results from the Northland Health Alliance (NHA) 2019 Community Health Assessment Data sets to create a Community Health Improvement Plan through a health equity lens to address the following identified areas affecting the health of our communities the most:

  • Chronic Disease - Increase food security and nutritious food choices through prioritizing populations struggling with income, unstable transportation and/or geographical conditions that inhibit or prevent access to healthy food.
  • Behavioral Health - Eliminate youth suicide deaths in the Northland through coordinated trauma-informed and evidenced-based prevention initiatives.
  • Access to Care - Identify Northland residents with behavioral health care needs and link them to the appropriate level of care in a timely manner.

Desired Outcome

The desired outcome from this process is that we are meeting our mission to deliver the essential public health services of Prevention, Promotion and Protection to the communities of Clay County, and that our vision of empowering all people in Clay County to lead healthier lives will be fulfilled.