Strategic Plan

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The Clay County Public Health Center Board of Trustees has the responsibility of developing a plan that provides the strategic focus, the direction, and the allocation of resources for the Health Center to enable the agency to meet the identified health needs of the people of Clay County. The focus is on enabling the organization to be in alignment with Public Health 3.0 as well as the becoming the Chief Health Strategist in our community. 
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Implementing the Plan

CCPHC staff, the Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees has embarked on implementing the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan to reflect the current direction of public health practice in the 21st century. 

Regarding goals related to community health, one primary goal is to utilize the results from the Northland Health Alliance (NHA) 2021 Community Health Assessment Data sets to create a Community Health Improvement Plan rooted in health equity to address the following identified areas affecting the health of our communities. Here is a snapshot of key areas within the plan:

  • Access to Mental/Behavioral Health: Increase/improve equitable access to mental and behavioral health services including substance use, for socially vulnerable populations.
  • Access to Healthy Food: Ensure easy and equitable access to healthy food for socially vulnerable populations experiencing financial, transportation, or geographic barriers to access.
  • Access to Transportation: Enhance transportation options for socially vulnerable individuals living in the Northland who do not have equitable access to reliable transportation for their health and livelihoods.

Desired Outcome

The desired outcome from this process is that we are meeting our mission to deliver the essential public health services of Prevention, Promotion and Protection to the communities of Clay County, and that our vision of empowering all people in Clay County to lead healthier lives will be fulfilled.