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For the city of Kansas City, Missouri

On Thursday, June 30, 2022 the city council of Kansas City passed two resolutions:

  • Resolution 220575: Declaring reproductive rights are fundamental human rights and criminalizing access to reproductive rights is a form of discrimination against women, girls and others who can become pregnant.
  • Resolution 220575: This resolution was presented by Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas and passed by the City Council. It instructs City Manager Brian Platt to negotiate with healthcare insurance providers so City employees receive financial help and reimbursement when they seek out-of-state health care (including abortion procedures.)

City employees would be offered a new insurance enrollment period to change their healthcare plans to include this coverage. The resolution states that reimbursement funds will not come from taxpayer dollars or the city’s general fund. Mayor Quinton Lucas later stated coverage would provide $300 for travel expenses. The money will not cover the procedure itself.

Attorney General Eric Schmitt says he will sue Kansas City. Mayor Lucas’ response/statement: "We will proudly and unabashedly stand up for the rights of Missouri women and Missouri families in their healthcare decisions. Kansas City's lawful resolutions are but one step in doing so."

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