How does Omicron compare to Delta?

CDC is following the details of this new variant closely. Omicron is not derived directly from Alpha, Delta or other Variants of Concern. 

  • Therapeutics: The Omicron variant has several genetic changes (mutations). Scientists are working to determine if these changes have implications for the benefits provided by existing COVID-19 therapeutic treatments. Based on the genetic changes in the spike protein, reduction in the susceptibility to certain treatments is likely. 
  • Transmissibility: It is not yet known how easily Omicron spreads compared to the highly transmissible Delta variant. Research efforts are underway to better understand this issue. 
  • Disease Severity: More data are needed to know if Omicron breakthrough infection or reinfections cause more severe illness or death than other variants. Based on preliminary information from South Africa, no unusual symptoms have been reported following infection with the Omicron variant 

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