Visiting the Health Center

On this page, you can find helpful information to prepare for your experience at Clay County Public Health Center.

  • Directions to the Health Center
  • Arriving at the Health Center
  • Sensory Accommodations
  • Health Care Bill of Rights

Directions to the Health Center

Clay County Public Health Center is located at 800 Haines Drive, Liberty, MO 64068. It is in the Oakwood Business Park off of Church Road, approximately one mile north of the Liberty-area Home Depot and one mile south of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church.

List of Transportation Options

Arriving at the Health Center

When you arrive at Clay County Public Health Center's building, you can drive through any of the three entrances to the parking lot. Handicap parking is available in two different areas of the lot, both close to the front doors or walking pathways.

There is one main door that community members can enter through during operational hours. For updated hours, visit our Contact Us page.

Upon arrival in the lobby, please note the signs on the floor. They will point you in the right way to go! Common places visitors look for:

  • Door Directly to the Left: To visit Environmental Health (food, pool, on-site sewage, etc.), get food handler card, visit a member of administrative staff
  • Door Left, Ahead: Samuel U. Rodgers dental and primary care clinic check in
  • Ahead and to the Left: The Birth & Death Certificates Desk - proceed up to the desk without checking in
  • Ahead and to the Right: Digital kiosk to sign in for clinic services (immunizations, STI testing, TB testing, WIC). Once you've checked in, you can sit in the large waiting area to await your name being called by staff.
  • Directly to the Right: Restrooms, Conference Rooms 1 and 2, information kiosks, additional seating

Sensory Accommodations

Clay County Public Health Center has partnered with KultureCity® to enhance the ability to assist and accommodate visitors with sensory needs. Our goal is to provide an inclusive experience. We strive to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by individuals with sensory processing needs by supplying our staff with annual trainingKultureCity-SensoryCertified-2023 Opens in new window and by offering the resources and accommodations below to our visitors.

  • KultureCity® Sensory Bags: These bags contain special KCVIP badges, feeling thermometer, fidget tools, and noise-canceling headphones. They are available for checkout (at no cost) at the main front desk.
  • Weighted Lap Pads: Available upon request (at no cost) at the main front desk.
  • Quiet Area: Located to the far right of the main doors, marked as a quiet area
  • Headphone Zone (Loud Areas): Located in the main lobby waiting area, marked as a headphone zone

Click here for photos and text describing how you can utilize these tools at the CCPHC building.

Health Care Bill of Rights

At health care facilities managed by Clay County Public Health Center, people should enjoy the following:

  1. The right to be treated with dignity, respect, and professionalism in all health care settings by all providers and staff members.
  2. The right to receive compassionate, non-judgmental, and comprehensive care that is mindful of your sexual orientation, sexual behavior, gender identify and gender expression. This right applies to all patient care public health services included: all health care and clinic services as well as mental health services, and medical records, with emphasis on:
    1. Primary care such as immunizations and health screenings.
    2. Sexual health care, including preventive services; risk and harm reduction counseling; testing, treatment and linkage to care.
    3. Care following trauma, including care after hate violence, sexual violence, and intimate partner violence.
    4. Substance abuse, and mental and behavioral health evaluation, counseling, and treatment.
  3. The right to have respectful discussions with providers about your health and health care needs, including your sexual history, current sex life, sexual pleasure, and relationships. The right to have your gender identity and gender expression recognized, affirmed, and documented, including:
    1. Staff members using your self-designated name and pronouns and mirroring the language you use to describe your body.
    2. Access to paper and electronic forms and medical records that use your self-designated name, pronouns, and gender marker.
    3. Access to gender-neutral facilities consistent with your gender identity and gender expression.
  4. The right to clear explanations of providers’ requests for your personal health information, including with whom the information may be shared, and the right to withhold that information.
  5. The right to clear explanations of all medical procedures and risks and to choose or refuse any treatment.
  6. The right to choose who will make medical decisions for you if you are unable to do so; the right to have your wishes and best interests included in these decisions.
  7. The right to privacy and confidentiality.