Access for All

Everyone deserves protection against COVID-19. Getting a COVID vaccine is the best protection available right now. However, we know that for some people, you still have lots of questions about if getting a COVID vaccine is the right choice for you. There may also be barriers like language, transportation and more that are getting in the way. 

We encourage you explore the links on this page to find answers to your questions. If you find it helpful, please also share with others who may have similar questions or needs.

Then, if you choose to be vaccinated, you can visit our Where to Get Vaccinated page to find a list of local places offering appointments.


Bring Vaccination to Your Community

Are you a leader or part of a community in Clay County that is interested in hosting a vaccine clinic? Simply fill out this form to let Heart to Heart International that you're interested.

Homebound Vaccinations

Homebound individuals that meet certain criteria may be eligible to be vaccinated against COVID-19 through the Clay County Public Health Center Homebound EMS Partnership Program or another homebound vaccination program, depending on home address. Clay County residents may call Mid-America Regional Council AAA at 1-800-593-7948 and your contact information will be provided to the vaccinator serving your area to coordinate your in-home vaccination. 

Non-English & Immigrant COVID-19 Vaccine Info & Resources

For Black Americans

For Asian & Pacific Americans