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Clay County Public Health Center (CCPHC) maintains social media pages for the purpose of providing public health information to the people in Clay County, Missouri. The CCPHC regularly publishes information on public health topics, events, services, useful tips and information, and about the CCPHC. This is a limited public forum. These social media pages are publicly funded, and use of these pages must be in compliance with applicable state and federal laws in addition to the CCPHC social media guidelines. Any mis-use of the social media page, or violation of the guidelines can result in removal of comments or other actions which are taken to maintain compliance with the law, and to maintain the focus of this page on public health.

These accounts are not monitored in real-time. Anyone experiencing a medical emergency should dial 911.

 Goals of Social Media Use

  1. Education – The primary goal of CCPHC’s social media pages is to provide helpful, accurate, applicable and trustworthy information to the public. 
  2. Communication – Social media can be a great way to provide information to community members. CCHPC strives to communicate and engage with community members on public health issues.
  3. Transparency – By posting regularly on social media, CCPHC shares updates about activities at the health center. Community members can follow along to see examples of how the Public Health Center is contributing to improvements in public health. Members of the public can also become aware of opportunities provided by CCPHC, and its partners, to live healthier lives.
  4. Equity – Social media is a free outlet that most members of Clay County can access. By including it as one of the multiple ways of sharing information with the public, CCPHC increases the number of people who can obtain beneficial public health information. This can ultimately help CCPHC achieve the vision of empowering all people to live healthier lives.

Comment Policy

CCPHC is not required to provide, operate, or maintain social media pages. The primary purpose of these social media pages is to provide public access to public health information. These pages are not intended to create a traditional public forum.  Although there is some ability of the public to comment or provide feedback to the CCPHC, all posts must relate to the topic on which the post is connected. Comments posted on Clay County Public Health Center social media pages are not considered private and are available for viewing by anyone accessing said pages. Users are urged to protect their privacy and not list any personal or sensitive information when commenting on a post. Clay County Public Health Center does not and cannot guarantee your privacy when using any social media site. Users should familiarize themselves with, and abide by, the terms and conditions set forth by the social media platforms they choose to use. 

CCPHC may take action to ensure that its pages remain civil, safe, on-topic, and a reliable source for public health information. Posts or comments that contain the following are prohibited and will be subject to removal:

  • Obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or otherwise offensive language/content, or links to such material;
  • Personal attacks or threatening language, particularly toward any other user or Clay County Public Health Center personnel;
  • Remarks that may be considered libel or slanderous, made toward any person or organization;
  • Plagiarized material, or material that violates intellectual property rights;
  • Private, personal information published without consent, or contains links to materials which violate these policies;
  • The advocating of criminal acts or other illegal behavior;
  • Any comment or post which is in violation of law, or advocates illegal activity;
  • Political activity, or Campaigning of any type, (political or otherwise);
  • Spam and/or malware;
  • Commercial promotions or advertisements;
  • Information that is clearly inaccurate, unverified, and purposefully designed to mislead others;
  • Remarks that disparage, direct animus or hatred toward, or discriminate against anyone, especially if based upon their sex, race, creed, religious views, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc.;
  • Comments that are clearly off the intended topic of the post.

Comments that violate these guidelines may be removed by Clay County Public Health Center at its sole discretion, and without prior warning or notice. 

CCPHC reserves the right to close comment sections to all users at any time.

CCPHC reserves the right to make changes to these guidelines without notice. Changes made to these guidelines will take effect the moment they're updated on the official Clay County Public Health Center website ( and viewable to the public. Please check these guidelines periodically for possible revisions.

Administrative Review

If any user of CCPHC social media believes they are aggrieved by these guidelines, or actions of CCPHC in implementing these guidelines, then such user must notify CCPHC, by emailing

Your email must include all matters which you wish the review to consider.

Other Ways to Connect

In the case that commenting on social media is unavailable, there are many other ways to get in touch with Clay County Public Health Center. 

Updated 3/15/2023