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It's not happening somewhere else, it's happening here and now. Opioid misuse -- when drugs like prescription painkillers are taken incorrectly -- is hurting the health of people who live in Clay County by causing addiction, hospitalizations and even death. Even if you don't struggle with dependence or addiction yourself, you probably know someone who does. Opioid misuse affects people of all ages, genders, races and income levels.

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Get the facts about opioids, their risks and how the opioid epidemic is affecting the residents of Clay County.

Learn more about the local efforts to prevent opioid misuse and to help those struggling with dependence and addiction.

Check out these resources for preventing opioid misuse or seeking help for yourself or loved ones.

This project is funded by Department of Health and Human Services/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under Federal Award #1NU90TP921989-01 and the MO Department of Health and Senior Services Contract #DH190012006 as a cooperative effort to address the Opioid Crisis. This project is 100% federally funded, and 0% non-government source funded.