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  1. Person Getting a Shot

    Clay County Public Health Center Expands Insurance Billing

    The Clay County Public Health Center has expanded insurance billing coverage for immunization services, expanding access and lessening the burden for those needing vaccines. Read on...
  2. 20150407_SFS Button_Suqare_250x250px.png

    Health Center Offers Online Food Handler Course

    The Clay County Public Health Center is pleased to offer food handlers an online course. Read on...
  3. Image of ash tray and cigarette

    A Teenage Plead to Peers on Smoking

    I am here to try to convince you to stop smoking, or to not start smoking in the first place. However, because I know it doesn’t work and may even tempt you to smoke just to spite me. Read on...
  4. Displaying PHAB Plaque

    Clay County Public Health Center Becomes Nationally Accredited

    It was time to celebrate, as friends and partners of the Health Center gathered to recognize a milestone in the Health Center's history. Read on...
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